Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hollidaysburgh scene report!!

Steven sending the big line


Steve went off so i could get some pics

He went ape shit!!

good little surf spot

I had a company picnic today and these trails were only 12 miles away. So when we left I drug the family down to these woods to see if they were still there after 5yrs since the Heathens last visit. A young gun by the name Steven was there to meet us. The heat wasn't bothering him at all soaked dialed and smelling like a hoagie he sent a couple lines. He said he wasn't riding long and had just jumped the big line the other day for the first time. He sent it for the camera and got broke off on a bail on the third one. It was kick ass thanks man. My kids were pissed cause they wanted to ride and show the Carmichael wanna be what was up. The dirt looked like it was no fun to work with and it was scorched dry. The place was cool with alot of lines but there were few lines running, but a pile of deserted stuff and stuff just not going more then what was?? But lots of street around there and good to see young guns just sending it!!! Go Dig!!

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