Sunday, August 2, 2009

Soaked Sundays!!!!!!


Shovel of the month; The Excavator,

The Little's getting a make over

Little's, same shit different angle

This rain is crazy!!!!!!!! The Heathens are so pissed they're throwing dirt all over the patch!! It looks real good. We are going to hold a Jam this Saturday if mother nature cooperates and The Heathens can step up too the plate and get shit done. Theres alot going on in the patch, changes for the better. How about Jamie Bestwick getting things done at the games.....Hell yeah Jamie way to go!! On another note come on down to the patch and get your aggression out stacking piles!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha. hell yeah boys! killing it like always! loving the changes. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

you need a twitter!