Sunday, August 9, 2009

Super Soaked Sunday!!!!!!!!

Showing Amos how to get his hands in it!!

Boot feet+sloppy slug

Fill holes waters gotta go else where,

The hole is a death trap right now stay out!!

Sweet tarp job

The Heathens got the biggest storm of the year today!!! Good thing the jam went down yesterday. With alot of holes filled in the runoff is creating new paths of destruction. No nead to fret all the wading pools were fixed on my quick stroll threw the patch tonight. In case you missed it the jam yesterday was dope!!!!! We had some first timers their that looked like fat kids in a candy store. The Heathens MVR was on the road stunting somewhere in New Jerseys woods. The Commander, 1st Lieutenant and Schmoid are gonna be away Monday and Tuesday while the godfather is going to have a long work day on Interstate 80 tomorrow. The patch has some super pitter patter damage from the storm so the Crazy Horse will probably have to run the shift tomorrow. Things are probably not going to be running till next weekend so come down and shape the earth one patch at a time.
New law: anyone under 21 has to have a helment to ride or dig in the hole!!!

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Anonymous said...

DO WORK (Flyin-ryan)
I'll be gettin my share tomorrow