Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Sesh!!!

packed patch
Flyn Ryan

Peaches and cream

Took three goes at it but he pulled it, awesome!!

Commander, this pick was a little late, it looked so much better

Girls like trails too!!

Andy with best friends, these little dudes killed it

Wild Bill!!

Today was a Awesome day!! About 50 shredders showed up to ride with the Heathens. The Catty crew was in the patch, rad to have those dudes there. We had a flock of chicks shredding, a first for the patch!! It was funny Herbach and double D, mates from Australia, Axle and alot of dudes didnt even know who they were. Corey Fouse did a three tuck!!!!!!! Super stoked on that, Andrew from camp sent the 30footer with me. The Commander doing turndown barrel flips and 720s, stunting everywhere. Dirt bowl flairs??!! Thanks to everyone who came out, its sweet when that many guys and girls come out and are cool with the little kids, helping with flat tires. Thanks guys!! To bad the rain shut the show down at 5:30 but a awesome real fun time!!


spadesandflats said...

Thanks to everyone who made it out, and hope to see you back!!

Anonymous said...

FUCK YEAH! awesome sesion, can't wait for the next one! TITS FOR LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^(Flyin Ryan)^^^