Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday, Short Fuse Day!!!!!!!!!!

I wish this was everyday,
Right after this superstar broke his hand

Big backyard sesh!!!!

Commander getting shit done

Schmoid laying it up


The Heathens got the Little's almost done!! Tomorrow Legendary Ron motha Fucking Kilmer will be in the patch if the rain holds off!!!!!!! Little's will be ready!!!! Today the Jersey Shore town bmx crew came up to lend a hand, awesome thanks guys!!! We had wheelbarrow wheels squealing like virgins on prom night!! Mad honey hole dirt sent everywhere. The Commander couldnt keep up, wish we had this all the time.. if we did the patch would make Catty look PUSSY!! Probably not, but everybody needs to dream. At any rate shit got done!! Mad heads, the next generation in the hole!! I'm so stoked about today's events! The Heathens and friends left the patch before dusk to hit up Tommy T's yard. It was a good sesh, eighteen dudes sending it in the yard. Even the deaf lady was shaken by the vibrations and had to peep it .
It was a epic day in the patch, so many new faces robbing the hole, smiling faces, and tricked out places is what its about!! Thanks to everybody that takes a minute from their life to check us out keep checking! and Thanks again!! The DK dirt is 9 hours from here so screw that.They should do shit in PA everybody knows thats were the dirts at. Seth Klinger you better clean up and bring those bragging rights back to camp and the patch. See you tomorrow at the patch hopefully they will let us ride and the rain holds off?!! PS.......... big jam Saturday!


Anonymous said...

yeh keep coming it works if you work it

Robert (js rider) said...

always good to come out and help throw some dirt around

Gannon Chapman (LH Rider) said...

heyy guys glad to lend a hand ill keep in touch with you guys and come dig and ride it was a blast at the patch and at your house tom.


B.Hawkins said...


Anonymous said...

i like jam