Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thrilling Thursday!!!

Shrek pimping in the patch
Patch MVR on a mission

Crazy Horse!!


MMA?? Not today sissies

Camera Hog

Cross Country old Man

Down from the Dig

Ron Kimler in the hole!

Heathens showing up in the patch to throw dirt around and rake the ground. Of course we had to un tarp to rake which turned into a sweet sesh. Ron got his balls out and sent straights. Dialed! Everyone tore it up and the trails felt good. Rain for tomorrow, imagine that. Any rate I heard the texting queen, Commander will be home. Curious to see if he shows up at the patch to lend a hand. Heathens are getting things done, freeze warning tonight, would be nice if that Indian summer would show up for the next three weeks!! Contest is 24 Days Away!! Shits going to be sick!! Show up if you got a pair, if you dont have a very big pair show up buy lots of 50/50 tickets and walk away with a bike shops inventory!!!!!!!!!!!!


spadesandflats said...

Just saw a sweet pic of Amos over at espn bmx.........Wow who would have thought. check it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tom,

I think your beard is sexy.

With love,
Your secret admirer

Ron White said...