Friday, October 9, 2009

Digging Continues........

Another day and this pile will be ready,
Patch MVR,

Dave dumpster dick King,

Amos's new dig coach the patch. Every ones still stoked on the trail trip yesterday! 2o pound shoes and soaked holes was the mission today. The Heathens didn't break any dig record just a slow steady pace. The pressure of the jam/train comp is mounting! Allot to do, some things are starting to fall into place. The porta potty has been cleaned and filled with the blue goo. The rain today but weekend end weather into Monday is supposed to be nice. Those Bastards from work called and want me back on Tuesday. Hope its not for long, cause I really enjoy chilling at the trails and taking sweet trips. Newark Valley tomorrow to hang with the legend and best friend Kelly Baker!! Help him celebrate and cristin the Nick Wilson memorial skate park!!

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