Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wicked Winds,


tarps all over, cant get shit done always something

secure, one rock isn't sufficient Ron

More rocks then dirt?

More work thanks to mother nature, Commander The Heathens need the stihl! The Heathens need to get to the motha land for some inspiration! Other then the continuous falling leaves and falling trees the patch is dialed and the 30 footer loop into the dirt bowl is almost complete!The format for the upcoming event will look like this. Stay tuned for more details and updates on this.

Trails open at 9am
$2.00 cover required to ride and or watch (Money goes to pro purse)
$20.00 entry fee per team rider (Money goes to pro purse)
$1.00 50/50 tickets or $10.00 a sleeve? (Money goes to pro purse)
50/50 ticket sales will go all day till 5:30 so payout can be awarded

Refreshments will be available all day, burgers and dogs, drinks, etc.
DJ to get down.

Trails are open to everyone to ride, jam format, where at 3:00sh we will stop the jam format for the contest.
Trails will return to jam format following contest until, ?

Contest consists of 3man teams. Each team gets 3 runs. Teams judged on style, passing, stunts, and if the whole team makes it to the end. Which they wont! Bonus points for costumes. The results of the contest will be awarded @ 6pm. 1st place gets 50%, 2nd place gets 30%, 3rd place gets 20% of purse. The line the contest will be on is 3 rollers setup/double roller to nice downhill 8 pack were there is a split. Straight is a 30footer, berm, 20foot hip. The other way is big brake check, hip, step up. Both ways lead into dirt bowl where you jump across and behind the channel into a huge difficult 6 pack. There will be at least 3 judges scattered in the patch in different sections. Each judge will score each rider on a 1-10 point system for a total of 30 points per judge. Depending on turnout will determine whether their will be finals. We have received allot of awesome parts already for the 50/50. A lot of people are going to get hooked up with sweet stuff. This is a non profit event. Its something fun, cheap and a payout! Of course the turnout will dictate the actual payout. Carved pumpkins, tikie torches, florescent painted jumps and leave less trees should be a good night sesh too. Maybe lit dirt bowl? Bonfire in the field following riding! Lets get loose!!!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds kick ass!! gona come kick some Heathen ass!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! heathens- local celebrities nigga!

Ronald said...

Shit damn I can't wait!

Paul said...

party pants and dry dock soldiers are coming

aids blood said...

tyson i got your bars. sucks about the wind. we are coming down to get nasty!

ps- my word varification is endo. that rules.

- bobby

Anonymous said...

still in ohio, shows are goin great !!... maybe home this weekend ?? then ill take up my samw an cut some wood !!! miss u guys ... watch nitro circus tonite anothony nap. is on it !!........._Jarret

ryan said...

ummmm contest= tits?