Monday, October 12, 2009

Its a New York state of mind

Endwell Trail dialer

Only Heathen with enough ass to make it threw

Nick Wilson Newark Valley Skatepark

John Lee+dirt= weee!

Only a parade, but Australian imitator/lover Greggy looks ready to run

This was a wild weekend. Saturday at 7am the Heathens broke away North bound to the Newark Valley Nick Wilson memorial skate park opening. The Nike 6.0 team came through in a big way donating time, material, and free stuff for everyone in attendance. Kelly Bakers perseverance helped make it all come together! It was a awesome day freezing cold, rain to a open sky full of sunshine. The FBM team was also there throwing out loads of free stuff to the next generation of shredders! Anyone that has seen the Baker kids ride knows there dialed but just wait till next year!! After a good day with the Bakers we headed over to The Endwell trails. These are the hardest trails I have ever riden! It was awesome to have such a challenge. These diggers have thrown in technical racer stuff everywhere that has various ways threw at a super challenge. John Lee and Hancock and the other dirt wizards of Endwell have done a superb job at creating the techest trails ever. Watching the locals ride it was amazing!! Sunday was a superb sesh in the patch as the digging continues and anticipation mounts for the upcoming Train competition/trail jam!! Speaking of which I have to go dig, you should too!!

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