Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dig Dig DIg

This is a good thing right here...............Stoked on it, Brothers from different mothers!!
Mike Heyers, Christan, Kimmler

End of Fridays progress

This joker tells me hes moving on after this semester, it will be a sad day

Mad Mike!!

Thats what the Heathens have been up too. Well most of them, Amos is off in never never land with his hippie friends comparing dreads and empty heads. The commander is back from the road and stopped in yesterday with his pimp gear to peep shit out. Today he came and gave the new lip the comando over. Brad Hawkins even snuck away from the wife to get trails back in his life. The Penn College crew has been around, Christian, and Mike big thanks to those apes for yesterdays dig a thon. Shit even Ron Kimmler has been stopping in to dig on a regular basis. I think thats awesome considering he was one of the dudes I saw in all the mags when i was a lil bartered. Shrek the patchs MVR riding progression has led to dig regression, just kidding bud. It has been a good scene of lately atleast four guys everyday throwin dirt and bikes around. I was shocked today to see the trails as dry as they were considering the heavy rain we got last night. Pretty sweet with out the humidity the trails dry fast even after a heavy soaking. Just hope the weather gets a little drier. Now that Im laid off it would be nice to get to the holly land of Lehigh valley to ride the best trails in the world before winter. Meanwhile well keep stacking and packing till the jam comes, just wish we had some of that Lehigh butter so we dig with flats to clump and jump all in the same day rocks suck!! Check out the for a Halloween raffle and jam November first. They have alot of space age prizes, so buy lots of tickets and support there trails.

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