Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Train Jam shots!

These pics came from Bill Mussleman and some more from me. This rain sucks, hope the weather holds out for the Catty raffle/jam this Sunday! Still little wore out from this weekend! Wish people couldve seen the trails the day before the jam. They wouldn't believe that a jam would go down the next day. Thanks again for every ones help to get the trails going. There is alot of ruts and bumps from the jam but The Heathens are going to stack new lines for next year all winter. The Beury Patch will grow at a epidemic rate this off season. So dig session tomorrow? Thats were Ill be come down and flip the soil and shoot the shit!

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Sasquatch Canyon said...

Hey Guys, Thanks for having the jam and opening up the trails to all of us. I had a blast. Hope to see you again someday. Check out the blog at