Friday, October 9, 2009

Perfect Wave Thursday!!

some german dude

Shrek, Brent Hile, MVR

Dave King was, and is dialed!!!


so good!

best trip for me all year!!

Got Walnuts???

Four Heathens deep toward the mother land we rolled! Smoothest waves anywhere!! The Crazy Horse again hit the most lines. He even followed Mr. Dave King through the middles and never stopped, thats why hes the Crazy Horse! Amos lost his cherry and ran three lines thrue, stying and casing all the way. The MVR proved his point with some serious style over a huge 25ft? hip. Huge! I even rode a couple new lines threw some stunts and came home clean and feeling good. Imagine that! It was a awesome day for sure. I could type all night trying to explain how much fun was had today, and wouldnt come close to describing the feeling!! Is it gay to say that your stoked on your boys riding dialed!? Dont care, thanks for everyone who digs, rides and likes to have fun!!


Brad H. said...

Luckkky! Shit looking smoooth as glass. See you fellas sunday

Ronald said...


Brent said...

Best day ever...