Friday, October 16, 2009

Winter Weather

When it snows to Woodward Heathens go!!
snot rocket + high five(wish the pic was better it was money)

Ron little dick White 3 table!

Rylan, Mr. Lot 8 dialer

Shrek, to bad his pink panty pull down game isnt this good

Well the weather sucks outside!! To wet and cold for dialing dirt so of to Woodward!! I get a taste of the holly land a couple times of year thanks to my fellow brothers that work there. Amos missed out and he shouldn't have, cause I didn't fall once. The Heathens are reeling in some big bangers, all in all it was a good time untill a facebook message of Panamoka trail jam moving their date to the 24th of October! That's the Heathens jam man! Little bummed on this stupidy. Why not run it on the 25th? Cause there is one or two faggots that wanna mess shit up for us. You guys will get your face messed up when we cross paths guaranteed! Its all good cause we should still have a good turnout considering all the cool stuff we have to raffle off and that 3 teams are going to get paid. There is alot of people from the area coming to watch which will help pump up the purse! Indian summer next week 60 pumpkins to carve, Bonfire is stacked and huge, stage for DJ needs built but we are ready. Camping is available and alot of single ladies will be impaired and need some snuggling in the night to stay warm!! Still cant beleive that people would reschedule a event on anothers event! People should read the farmers almanac to plan ahead! Pissed and pumped like a bomb to go off, cant wait hope to see you all there at our Jam were not asking for nothing but smiles, good times, and filling your wallet with some easy money!! Get some!!


Anonymous said...

man they just putting there shit on the same day cause they know they cant touch the heathens. looking forward to jam man!

Anonymous said...

i heard the heathens arent even going to ride in there own contest?

Anonymous said...

i was gonna till i broke my ankle.....bummed _jarret

Anonymous said...

i love impaired single bitches

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that shit. Fuck them.What's there reason for doing this? It's for a good cause but still.... Just because the heathens got to the glory land doesn't mean we can't fuck you up! Word to the wise...

- Gator