Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rain Finally Stops!!!!

fall soil from Clint Reynolds on Vimeo.

Whoa............ I didnt think the rain was ever going to stop! Calling for warmer tempatures and sunny skies next couple of days. All the Trails here in the North East are going to need every minute of sunshine to get ready for all the upcoming jams next weekend. The Heathens will be in full force this week dialing the patch. Everyones stoked on it, we will need some help in carving 60 pumpkins Thursday night and Friday. We recieved another prize package from Team Blowing it! Stoked!! Sets of knee pads, and lots of gloves! I run these knee pads and there the best, take it from a old ass who rolls the windows down more then he should.. Thanks Guys!! I got alot of questions from the last post, sweet that that many people take the time to check it out! I wrote some things that I probally shouldnt have. The Panamoka Jam obviously had to be rescheduled due to weather, what I didnt know was that scene has park jam the next day Sunday so they couldnt schedule there trail jam then. It has to be on Saturday. Sucks, I cant be in two places at one time nor can anyone else. I blow up easy, and thats me and at first thought there was something else going on and overlooked the good thing. That two awesome events are going down and hooking up tons of riders with cool prizes! So my apoligies to anyone I offended, So here is a kickass video that Clint Reynolds has over at his site, This is one of the best trail edits Ive seen all year!!! Well done Clint sick threes!! So good, and crazy that all three sets of trails in here are in the same state and same county!! Un real scene!! Stay tuned for patch updates and conditions for the upcoming Jam and contest this Saturday the 24th in McElhatten!! Im reasurred the turnout is going to be good and the bonfire party afterwards will be one not to miss!! Camping available on site. Call Amos Beury at 570-295-3210 for questions


Brad Wesley said...

damn fellas shredding awesome shit

spadesandflats said...

awesome flic