Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday!

Peter Cottantail got done a little early today and stopped by the patch to help out. It takes Heathens of all types. The top is done! Im callin it! The week long tweek job on the berm after top set is still not done but damn close. Cmon Schmoid! The Heathens are down the hill tweakn straights. The knarliest white knuckle line in the patch, untill Harriet Tubbmans done. The commander was M.I.A. today? No school tomorrow we should see some major progression. The young Heathens are some real diggers!

So come on down to the patch!

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Jayson said...

Blog is so good! Makes me more and more siked on trails, The trails in ATL are coming along real nice!

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