Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Funday!!

Damn if I didnt get to the patch late. Andrew, D-Raz and P-Mac met me at the gate. So no pics of the double A pro Woodward Apes. But the Homegrown Heathens were there waitn for more runs! The crazy Horse was a rabid clydesdale tearing up the patch and the first leiutenant was riden smoother then a strippers ass! Two and a half lines still need major work plus the new line looks like a trailer park line. So come out and enjoy yourself but get ready for the next shower for some shovel power!! Commander you got the superstar lifestyle?, grab a suit while yer on the road and well take care of the patch! Leave a comment wanna know what you think?


Anonymous said...

dak is a man now ,, tyson got his pilot licsence i see ...nice belly,, and 1 liners ,,, north carolina .... take yor shirt off swing it lika helacopta .... miss u guys,, how come no amos pics ?? i see kenny was ther tellem his hat is fine

Dan said...

yo dudes, i told cory i'd give him the link to the blog about my little trail spot.

spadesandflats said...

yo, Dan cant find it

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