Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scortchin Saturday!!

Wow it was a heater today! Hotter then a devils dildo! There wasn't a Heathen with his shirt on the patch was dustier then a nuns panties. It was a good day Heathens getting radical on hips. It was the first day for that line and it feels good! Tomorrow will be good too, there is plans for a 16 foot quarter after the 30 footer!! The patch is going to be one step above helltrack!! Pics are Brent Tyson and the crazy horse so buckle yer lid!! See you at the patch tomorrow the berm after topset needs some attention after all this abuse.

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Anonymous said...

lookin good ,, im in north carolina hot as fuk 95 .. im about to go for a swimm see u soon ... homies,,,,,,,,,,,, commander

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