Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tire Track Tuesday

Well the LHU dig crew was at it again in the patch today. They ran more dirt to the mindtrap berm at the end of topset today. Damn near finishing it. This berm is sucking the Heathens in!Secretly asking for more dirt, Its rapeing the honey hole of sherbert dirt!! Enough is enough this thing is way over man hours to much time, scmoid jobs are the hardest. I forgot my camera so pics are via Heathen cell phone. You gotta come out and see/ride this thing!! Theres discusion of maybe a spring fling jam on May 17th? You will have to tune in to see if its a go or not.
The commander leaves tomorrow for the Rise above bike show team, maybe it will be yer school if your lucky. You can learn more about that at www.riseabovebmx.com/ . Hes gona shit when he gets back and everythings re stacked high and tight. Im going to put round corners and flattops on everything! The last pic is a reminder of how trails are supposed to look and if you know this spot you should get ahold of one of the masterminds and giv them a hand like yesterday!


die-lon said...

haha figures lh crew doin schmoids work. Just think that by the time the boss man gets back we'll be ridin these bitches

Anonymous said...

that is at catty
like 20 mins away

Bradley said...

Mark Noble asked me some questions about the Lock Haven Scene

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