Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thunderstorm Tuesday!!

Headed west on 80 at 80 to the patch after work. On the horizon the sky was dark with bolts lightning. It took the wind out of my sail. I knew it was another night of 50 pound boots. The camera was dead so the pics will be big time free riders doing threes in the trees!. The Heathens A-team started the jumps at camp Woodward today, the commander is on the road doing shows for www.riseabovebmx.com, and the LHU dig crew is down a man. Not much got done in the patch, some drainage at the bottom and the 30footer was giving me the stare so she got a little care. Cant wait to send that monster this year! Their is a new waiver for the patch this year and everyone has to sign one. It doesn't matter if your a full blood Heathen or a a 14yr old Russian kid named Nicko lie? sending half finished piles. Just respectful thing to do for the landowner after all he they let us park in the yard and dig holes in their woods. Waivers will be at the trails all day everyday. Fill it out!!! Word is that next month Travis Pastrana and crew are coming for a dirt sesh, cant wait stay tuned!

I have to say that all the trail pics and articles all over the web really has me stoked!!!! I cant ever remember trails with so much enthusiasm!! Its awesome to see people making something outta nothing and having a good time while others are aiming for the Casselberry/Posh dream. Some really good stuff is over at http://www.fbmbmx.com/ http://www.pawoods.com/ http://www.digbmx.com/ http://www.credencebikes.com/ so check them out and then go outside and Dig something!


Anonymous said...

i miss the patch ......... commander

Anonymous said...

update this shit ........ turbo

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