Monday, April 6, 2009

Woodward Monday?

I got off work early because of the rain. The birds were singing trees starting to bud Baldwin wanted to dig, it just couldnt get any better. I figured the Heathens would get alot done. Wow was I wrong evidently its woodward monday and the Heathens pro team wanted to ride. Holly shit! Top set is damn near done except for the berm at the end which is in a stae emergency thanks to Amos. WTF? Straights hasnt been touched or hips or x-games or Jarretts line and the new line has lakes for trannys, so much to do!! the am team finished the littles up with clay and burried Amos pipe for the berm. Late re-enforcment after school with Dillion And Dakota even, Ryan showed up from Penn Tech!

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Dielon said...

haha hell yeah they are getting there, and just think we'll be riding them before we know it!!!

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