Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stepping up!

The Heathens are relentless! Another day, another job done. Sure its got some tweakn yet, but the step up got stacked! The weather man says sunshine and 60 next two days, stuff will probally be running saturday? But thats doesnt meen you come down to the patch to ride theres alot of work yet. Amos wondered around today in circles diggn up pine trees and moven them. Actually he didnt move any trees, he did however move the commanders stage in the dirt bowl channel for drainage. His girl helped him do circles pretty sure she dug more then him too. Should be some drama when the commander comes back from the road! Love the drama! Some dudes are missing hope there ok? Heathens are super stoked you check in on us and go away happy or pissed, Thanks! So come too the patch to see schmoids, droids and get roids from the honey hole!

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