Monday, April 13, 2009

Manic Monday

Jumps got dialed today. I was stoked to see alot of Heathens there. Corey was a little upset he missed the bunny. The berm still isnt done out of top set! but thats it everything else up there is golden!!!!!. The Heathens continued on straights and hips got started on as well. Everything looks rad and the patch should be done by second week in May. Looks like it will be moist the next two days. We need the rain funny how fast sherbert dirt dries with no leaves. A few showers through the day is a good time to turn a cold turd on a paper plate into hot shit on a golden platter. So well see you down at the patch tomorrow. And if you know whats good you will check out the super good stuff FBM is pumping out. at East Coast, American made bikes, softgoods and goodtimes. GET SOME!


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