Friday, April 24, 2009

Throw away Thursday!!

Shit is rough I forgot to pay the bill so no Internet for a while, straight up pirating the web to do the blog. Sorry shit hasn't been up, The Heathens A-team got the approval from camp and they managed to get $300 bones for tools for the trails there! Thats all they did today there. At the patch Brent awesome Heathen and he was finishing hips last landing with the sun setting. LHU dig crew was in the patch fill en wheelbarrows of sherbet dirt from a new honey hole then there was afire 3 diggers and about 20 weirdos. The schmoids droids I swear to god one of these nights I'm gonna mangle one of those creepers. I burned the couch and watched the schmoids from across the fire, that shit has to stop they're trails not a fuken party place!!!!! So come down this weekend 80 degree temps for the blue groove sesh!


K. Monster said...

throw them the fuck out!

Anonymous said...

i love that pic of u in the couch !! commander

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