Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Showers...........

April showers bring May dialer's! The patch really needs this douchin its gettin right now. Heathens and friends got a little taste of the patch's sweetness, we can get the rest of the lines done! I have been peeping some other trails in PA and they are rockin!! whats our excuse? mine is that there is not enough time in the day! Thinking about a generator. But really topset looks like a poor pounded hooker after a convoy of truckers, she needs a little sherbert dirt to fill in them holes and the barrel's are out water. Their is new parking Fred's got ruts in the yard.(and his berm) Park by the schmoid bone yard, other side of the driveway yah dumbbastard!! .....enjoy and well see you at the patch tomorrow at the 6-9 dig time. Digging sunsets =funsets sorry no pics, I did somthen?

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Anonymous said...

haha .. i wish i was thare to dial it in !!!!!! see u homies next weekend u got 2 full week s till i get home for a day or 2 ... lets have a fire!!--- commander

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