Sunday, April 19, 2009

Send it Saturday!

The Heathens notified me of a super session at the patch saturday. I couldn't make it because I needed to make a wedding ring run and say hello to a dear friend of mine. Kelly Baker, the myth, legend and 42yr old dad. The man is Mr. BMX. Its sad to see a spot such as his acres run down with no scene. The spot is legendary and awesome but for some reason the diggers have migrated else where. KB digs on however turning tuna shit into tuna fish alone. He had one of the biggest scariest lines done, and needed someone to send it with him. I never jumped it because I saw alot of people lawn dart and scorpion across the road! There I was, scared like a little bald pussy, and he roasted it like it was nothen! So shit went down and no one even got hurt. It was awesome to see him and his family again and if your in NY state stop in and give him a hand at the acres! Now of to the patch!!


Anonymous said...

nice cliffhanger tom,..... trailass

Brad H. said...

Sending it over the shale. Awesome

mike said...

those look like DIRT BIKE jumps

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