Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thrill Ride Thursday

Well today Amos is still workn on the berm, five days now! Crazy horse and Baldwin with a little help from Dillon trucked him dirt all day from the honey hole. Jarrett an Tyson had to tweak a couple things, and then out of know where some resie masters showed up at the patch. They came all the way from Woodward to check on the patch progression. I had a little to much too drink evidently, and was backfilling some pipe down the hill when a saw crazy horse hitting the quads. I dropped my shovel and went to investigate. It was Baldwins wheels, so i did what any drunk trail itchen fool would do, I took a run and fired a three to bail. Three strikes and no threes, then I heard a heckle from the motel.(flip it!) so i did and bailed. Baldwin had exhaustin and stress all over his face, (one more time) and I nailed it but no photo so one more time and how about a x-up flip? Well I tried, and my steel toe red wings hit the tire, needless to say Baldwins bike bounced in the pond. Sorry Chris, Drunk people shouldnt flip with boots and carhart overhauls. The insulated bibs didnt help much and now im not sure how to walk seven miles at 6am moving barrells off Interstate 80. Why dont you leave a comment at the bottom of the page so I know people read this, you wasted 5 mins of yer life reading this whats another 30 seconds? See you at the patch!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i love how i'm not included even when i'm there all day

serb said...


Brad said...

crazy haha can't believe I missed it

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