Monday, April 27, 2009

Mellow Monday?

What is with this heat? August temps in April!?, damn if the patch isnt dustier then yer gramas tuna taco. Everyone was burnt and tired from the long workday in the heat. So after a few cans of patch oil it was too be a chill table top sesh, but by the end of the night the Heathens were all riden dirty. The crazy Horse has a new nickname, The Lumberjack!! Ashley, Amos's better half, was riden too. Awesome to see someone go for it and get a little better each run. Im pretty sure she digs bmx!! So a good night after the heat watching the sun go down, chillin in the patch!


Anonymous said...

gramas tuna tommy taco!!!!!

Anonymous said...

back in virginia ,, ill b home for the weekend .. soo dress it up reel nice for me ,,,,,see you guys soon ..........commander

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