Sunday, September 9, 2012

Better late then never,

Have you seen this man on the right?????
This was from a little bit ago,
Amos tried to sleep out side, cant handle it
commando before the shoulder blow
Steezy Swazzy Hip also called fuekashemie cause it nukes people
same shit different angle,
Charlie Bowers is still on it, lame pic 3 whip
Kaled Rezter aka Wookie and Charlie Bowers aka Monkey Ridgeway hero's
Old man.

Blogger said all our free space was used up so now theres monthly payments, gay been awhile cause i was all pissed about but finally nutted up and payed the man. More retro post on the every other day maybe schedule, alot people been on my ass they miss the posts pics and shit talk. Im stoked people enjoy it so im going to be back on it you should tune in.

Alot of jams upcoming!!!!! Go support the bmx roots underground!!!!

Farmboys Good Bye Trails sept 22nd must attend!! trails will be plowed
Potazs Welcome Jam sept 29th Best times !!!!!
Heathens Halloween train comp Jam October 6th SHIT SHOW BANGER
Catty Halloween Jam Oct 20th or 21st

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