Sunday, September 23, 2012

Farm Boys Jam Success

 Local tree holders
 Massive wood roll in, wobbled a little with 30 dudes on deck
 this was the 5th jump in mainline, i couldnt even make it that far
 Jeremy Ball was tearing it up, screaming fuck saturday school
 Brad local legend
 cant remember this guy but hes Brads deputy sherriff keeping the squirrles under control
 lots of little stuff to ride that was fun with lots of choices
 Ron White gave it hell, never seen him bail so many times put he did full pull mainline a good bit
 Lots of people made it out, espically considering forecast
the deadline for the trails,

Never before in my life did we ever drive thrue so much rain to get to a trail jam that was going down.  We all couldnt believe that we were actually going to get to ride!!!  I had to melt my grips over a fire to erase the cycle and none of us had a long sleeve and it was 50 degrees.  We walked back in a half mile thrue mud to find all these dudes roasting the waves.  It was awesome to see Brad local legand Mitch Dingaling and etc.  Awesome group of trail riders with a unique style of trails.  The mainline was hard, not sure why for me? cause there was 12yr old kids flowing thrue it all day.  Bobby Delaat gave me a beer to calm my nerves only to run me over later in the day.  I took front tire to ribs and couldnt even make it out of woods without passing out every 50 ft. Sucked all these weird fucks staring and i couldnt help myself, i was worried i fucked somthen up inside but im typing this with no hospitalization fuck health care strong survive.  When i ate shit the sky opened up with a seriouse rain storm to shut down the jam.

I want to thank all the farm boyz for the great time and letting us ride and letting me case the shit out the jumps(sorry) I had a good time even with the fall thats how memories are made, besides who doesnt like a swarm of fireflies and a good hersey squirt in yer pants?  Best trail buzz without spending a dime.


Anonymous said...

Awesome to see the Heathens make it up to the trails. You really scared us with your wreck then Bobby D trying to finish you off. All I can say is that you're one tough mother.

Farmboy Joe

Bobby D said...

I didn't even run you over! I barely touched ya!