Monday, September 10, 2012

Catching up...........

Endwell trails are a bitch to get to with a stroller
Endwell trails are a work out for sure,
John Lee trail police around these parts, thanks for having us!!!
Deputy Hancock
Legends if you dont know who they are you havent hit puberty yet
HTH skatepark is rad as hell, builder is a artist Mr. Derek Nelson
Trail Icons
I want that dollar bitch!
Another rad man with a Henny peice
bowls and pizza? what else could you ask for?

Gnarliest knee in BMX another icon and trail masta
Tyson with a 30 ftr leaner, i like it!
Baker boys at the patch
Tyson with the deuce deuce, first time in 3 yrs no thanks to injuries
Commando, hoe pound er extraordinaire
45 and still alive! Ryan Nyquist wishes he couldve first ran it?

Well here is all the shit i wanted needed to get up, condensed in one post. The FBM event at the HTH park was kickass of course. I love FBM, they are always down to throw a fun fest, its like a family reunion for me. All the guys there are legends from the steel ponies to dirk diggler bolognies. I will always support these guys cause they support us the average rider having fun but putting major stokage to it. Also went to John Bruce Lee trails in Endwell. They are awesome considering theyr built by the river and you know how hard it is to get shitty river dirt to stack n pack but these river rat pack has the best trails along a river since the Heathens had Hell Track RIP 1999. Good guys = good time. Dont think im getting mushy cause you can fuck off im just wasting another 5 minutes of your life as you try to read this mis spelled mess HAHA i got wipe my ass get of the throne and beat my bone in the shower, why cause im out of paper towels retard no mess to clean, down the drain kids, im kooked

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