Monday, September 17, 2012


These are some of the coolest guys in the PA trail scene. They support every ones jams and have built there dirt empire to a whole new level! The trails look super good this year! Stoked to go Ive never been there but I hear through the whispering winds the end is near, and I ve always said I want go, so this is it! Mother nature better hold up to the deal.

In other tear chocking news the infamous State trails in the Happy Valley of weenier grabbers have been plowed over the weekend. Sucks those trails have been in existence since at least my first visit in 1992. The trails always had a four year twist with the Penn State Student variety at the time . Mr B was once a local along with Dan Rue and so many more. The latest crew were on point and I had alot of fun riding there with you guys you can dig an ride all you want in McElhatten Heathen Hell Hole!!

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