Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weird Weekend?!

Ron sausage White!
 Reading coal cracker kid!
 two kids deep landing on the steezy steep
 Joe Oshman and the big bike made it up
 Floater Magavin
 Brower with a brap
 cmon down mutha fucka
 commando flow thru 30ftr........
 into the tubman.....
 hoochie to the haunch
 new retro Heathen ts $10 green backs to get you the pink panty pull down effect!
 Tyson smokin the Tubass
 aghhhh scratched my knee whaaaaaaaa
 Tubman through the other side..
 Commando waiting for the Instagrah dame from Rochester.......
 Commando digs the most pics are gross
 Derrik Brappin Brower gives bitches golden showers
 Tough Guy..........
 Joe Oshman...big bike
 Hoochie Haunch flip for his instagrahm bitch
 hows it feel bub?
The Rochester Dame that brought Jarrett the pain!!!!
Big congrats to Zach Worden winning Dew Tour, cant help to think all that trail digging didnt help???  Super pumped!!!!!!!

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fastback570 said...

Glad it didn't rain and got to ride with you guys. Good times.