Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whats going Down in The Patch?

 Fresh faces in the woods is Toadally awesome lately
 once a Marine now a Heathen
 Izzy with a barrel of the good shit

 Amos back from the road, he likes the shovel more than a utility knife
 Mr Mud or as he prefers....Dr Dirt
......... Big job .............

 can you get all five?
  Jarret keeping the nuts busting, while James from Native bikes looking for the money shot
 Austin Hunnycutt with the big grin
 Izzy dragging his dick in his tire
 whip it
 feels free flying in the PA mountains
 say hello to my little friend
 Ty works at our local shop The Bike Gallery and payed a visit, wore this thing to get 25lbs of extra dig force
 see yah bitch, i hate stumps
Wont be long and there will be a full moon and lips that make yah friends scream BOOOM!!!!!!!!  Get off that ledge or turn your computer off and get to your woods and dial some dirt.

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