Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Warriors

 Taylor from Native bikes getting some barrow action...thanks bud
 more dudes stopping by running barrows and taking laps... trail life and the people are amazing
 fixing some hacked shit chillin in the heat
 this dude was so hot we had to tell him to put his clothes back on!
 not sure why Brad was so happy and had such a big bottle lotion??
 rare photo opp Tyson hes been swamped with shit this year, but when the worden lets him out he gets shit done
 blue groove is deep
 determination focus and resie rider frustration Kody sneeking in the back like a Waldo
 too much thinking
 this is called the hoochie haunch is style like dead sailor or legion lean

 Kyle? added the butter to the rooster coaster
 Native dirty panty thiek aka Native bikes ABA racer
 Penn Dott lean capture
 look close he knows he was caught and tells me im #1
 $5 to the first person who tells me who this penn dott poser pic is of
 Bradd getting some
 Austin Hunnicut airing out the swamp ass
 Izzy new found trail ripper has only been riding trails a month and is top shelf
Justin Sexsour or Loyd  I know its mis spelled but that keeps it real, good seeing you and everyone this weekend.  It was a blast and the combination effort helped get shit alot further and everyone got to roast too.  Thanks again and hope to see you at the jam!!!!!!  JUly 13th  roman candles encouraged