Monday, June 17, 2013

Trail progress

 Dialing under way,
 Not saying the line wont or will be better with this mod but bad timing is the bottom line, next time consult with all the   O.G.  Heathens before undertaking such a tweek now lets get it done!!!!!!
 Bratts anyone?
 Trail worden, he throws rocks at non diggers might even dig more then you? you can call him Big Lew
 Boosty getting some slap and slide, Woodward camp resident helping trail dicks is awesome!
 new local Cody Haines putting in Hrs and has me stoked!! nice work too
 Some of Jarrets aka Dr. Dirt aka commander aka dumpster dicks finished product
Another new guy putting in Hrs rewarded with runs Isaiah Hotta aka Izzy pumped on your work man

Trails have some stuff to do and theres never ever a time where nothing needs done.  Come on out and lend a hand, talk some shit drink a beer and enjoy some trails.  Jam is set for July 13th camping available and will be as good as any of the last ones youve heard about.  Dont miss out scream and shout like yah got the gout and get your ass to Lock Haven!!

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