Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter shmeaster! I'd rather be digging.

So I get to the woods yesterday around 5:30 and the 2009 MVR has the 2nd lip of hips effing dialed. While the shmoid was getting the backside ready for shred. The rollers coming down from tables are freshly covered and ridden in a hair. Shmoid was crying about not seeing a picture of him from Friday so here is a few more from that day. And I found Road Fools 12 on the internet last night so here's part 2 of 3 with one of the best trails parts a Road Fools has ever seen. Section 22 R.I.P

Attack of the sump pump. I got soaked.

This guy put in a 12 hour day in the woods yesterday.

2nd on hips before Shrek's handy work. You should see it now!!

So good!

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