Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rain Wanted!!!

no words needed here.............
Tyson officially is not rusty anymore

turn it up!!

Wild wildcat

Shrek needs a shoelace?

hang on buddy!!!!!

little shortcut hip,

dip in the lip idea in head

gets all five every time!

look at this face!

never run a peg with a short axle and a aluminum nut=lights out!

Happy Heathens in the patch today. Without any rain its neer impossible to get anything done as far as digging! Every things dust! Crazy for this time of year. We were supposed to get rain all weekend but just got a sprinkle that didn't even wet anything. Never thought I would be hoping for rain! But with the digging postponed and truckloads coming tomorrow the Heathens rode on into the sunset. Toy was a excellent surprise visit to bad he took a digger, was not due to sloppy riding thats for sure. Toy took these awesome shots tonight though! Always good to run into him! The new 98 degree line that has the commander frazzled is a go! Its totally going to work some sloppy pbr sippin fool sent it today with a sprinkle and scrape, so postpone your date and get to the patch and get your fat ass in shape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

dumb ass trail diggers

B.Hawkins said...

That sucks for Toy he was worried about that happening. Tyson was shredding for sure like always.

mike said...

Case shirt!!!!!!!!!