Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dusty, Crusty, Rusty Heathens!!

Dry as hells dirt
Schmoid has been putting in the hours lately

Tommy T table

Tyson nose wheelie!!!!!!!!

This guy is a original Heathen! Just lost for the last 3yrs, first running today!

Not bad Block for not touching the whip in 3yrs, glad to see you back!

Blocks whip, keeping it real

Heathens come in all sizes

This was wet yesterday!

Tyson, NO ONE goes bigger at the patch

Today was awesome! One of the original Heathens showed up out of the brush, he was one of the first to break ground in the patch 8 yrs ago!! After being MIA the last 3-4 years carved up the recent blue groove with style, Glad hes back, I guess you can take a Heathen out of BMX, but you cant ever take the BMX out of a Heathen! (take a whore out of the street but you cant take the street out of the whore) yeah like that. The patch is too damn dry!! The weather man says the rain is coming so this weekend should be perfect to wrap up the patch. Amos has hired the neighbor and his Mack triaxle for 65 greenbacks a hour. The old wildman says he can haul 3 trips a hour thats 60 ton!! Not bad with that and a couple more donations for more of his time we could fill all the holes and make alot of stuff bigger which alot of people would love to see happen. It will be good with the rain to shut the riding down and get back to digging. I just got the CASE bmx magizine today and let me tell you to go get a copy! Photos and articles are right on. I cant put it down, go to and get yourself one. prompt shipment and you will be stoked for sure! See you at the patch this weekend, lets get shit done!!

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Ron White said...

Fuck yeah Block!!!