Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saving the Patch!!!!!!!!!!!

Amos and his dog look at their fruit full efforts
For those who have seen this monster hole up top, its half way done!

Roman candle duals are always fun!

Tommy T undisputed Roman candle champion

Crazy Horse

Direct Hit!!

"Best ground around"

Ron White training for the octagon

Filling holes

Dirty Heathens

This doesn't look like a hole!

One hole done............
Well the Heathens are getting shit done!! april 4th all the redo and dialing should begin. There is a new law in the patch any local who doesn't help fill holes will not reep the Heathens benefits this summer and wont be able to ride!! WE are still at the mercy of the weather , with showers every week we are still unable to get a dump truck in the patch. we will need some warm temps and dry days for the ground to stiffin up. There is alot of things to do till then though there is alot of rocks and wood to through in the holes yet! A big thanks to Wayne Township landfill, they are providing and hauling all the free dirt to fill the holes. They are also cutting us a deal on the sifted clay-$12 per ton. Awesome im real stoked on all the positive help from everyone, this year is going to be kick ass.


Ryan said...

AWESOME! Wish I could have helped out! next time

Stoner said...

Real stoked for you guys! Glad everything is working out and the trails can continue. Definitely looking forward to a few trips up this summer.

Ron White said...

Hell yeah Stoner we're looking forward to trips down to Pitney as well.

Anonymous said...

i helped fill holes in on my line an been diggin thare for 6 years ,, ill ride if i want

spadesandflats said...

No commander you won't. We need help now not when u feel like it. Trails r a team effort get on the same page or get the fuck out

Anonymous said...

Pot calling the kettle black. Say what! Haha.

I do believe I remember times where Tom Terrill rode shit wet or when no one was there because he didn't help.