Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paused Patch!!

The work from the fall before the freeze looks great but alot tarps r missing
The search for a new spot is on!


Well yesterday the Heathens started the big spring soil flipping only to be shut down by Fred Beaury 30minutes in. We were just getting warmed up when Fred came over and "You guys cant dig any more holes! These ditches and trannys need filled in and the holes need filled in. You Heathens are making mosquitoe nests and there should be no water laying any where over here. If you Heathens cant buy dirt and haul it in to fill these holes and raise the jumps on top of the ground there will be no digging and no riding this Year!!"
I well We(The Heathens) thought Fred wanted the big deep honey holes filled in, evidently its everything except virgin ground. Not sure whats going to happen Freds son Amos was out of town so gave him a jingle. The Schmoid layd it down that everything will be ok and we just have to fill the honey holes. The funny part is some Heathens have been trying to get the Schmoid to make the call for the dirt all winter when the ground was froze and no snow. Never got done and here we are March the ground un thaws and we cant dig!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the honey holes can get filled and we can stay but you can bet your ass there will be nothing new allowed. The whole damn things got me fucking sick!! I want to create and stack to im sore right now, im 33 now this is the third kickass spot the Heathens have had and looks to lose??? Wish the real estate market wasnt retarded! Any Ideas or any spots that are for sure send that shit this way! Williamsport city council meeting tonight for the public skate park! in Sechler Room@ 4;30-5;30 show them support so atleast something positive is around this scene!


Anonymous said...

i agree it sux amos nvr tries at anything !!! he wont kno wat he had till its all gone

Anonymous said...

Put goldfish in the mud holes to eat the mosquito larve

Anonymous said...

I like the goldfishie idea. =]