Sunday, March 21, 2010

Got Dirt?

Some Penn College Heathens threw all the barney dirt in the hole today!
Another hole filled with wood, just needs two loads and done!

Pouring one for the dead homie

Old mans winter wrath

The hole getting a good ream last year from T money

Well the Heathens are making a effort. The holes have a good dent in them know but all the dirty barney dirt is in the hole. The heathens need more dirt!! The landfill is hooking us up with dirt for the holes for free!! They also have screened orange butter clay for $12 bones per ton. Which will really help since we still cant run a flat yet! Tommy T got a dump truck this weekend but the yard was just to lizard shitty, we tried with plywood under wheels but the trucking failed. Luckily Fred let those dirty Heathens dump the 5.8 tons in the yard. There is word that next weekend there might be a 4x4 dump truck coming to the rescue so lets get some money out and butter up some shit to ride!


Anonymous said...

ya fillem in so we hafta dig more holes !!!!!!!! makes no sense??

Anonymous said...

yea pretty stupid,, how we gonna make new jumps ??? shit is schmooooooooooiiidded

Anonymous said...

whos the dead homie ??..

Anonymous said...

The turkeys r dead and burried in the hole.

Anonymous said...

Schmoooooiiidd idea!