Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mountain Jam Time-rules and regulationsl

 Good Prizes from good people and companies
 One of a Kind custom Native Hand molded pimp seats in the swamp ass sunshine state
Weather is looking real nice for a change. I will say its been getting a bit cool at night 40s so bring a hoody and good bag if your camping.  This year there is no food or drinks being served. Bring yer own or there is a MacDonald's Restless Oaks restaurant (good breakfast) and other places a mile down the street Also there is a new place we all must park, at the dumpster in the driveway turn right into the field and park.   No one aloud to drive up the driveway past the dumpster.  Also we will be entering and exiting from a new spot.  One last thing for the campers that shit in the woods, i understand i prefer the woods just take shovel and bury the beasts.  You have no idea how bad scrubbing man shit out of your dogs hair and coll er?  not bitching just saying any rate, There will be a pretty lady sitting under a blue tent to ensure you sign a waiver and wristband and  pay three bucks which is contributed to the cash payout for best trick.  Hope to see everyone out with smiles on yer faces and minimal cases lol

I like to thank Bobby Parker from Full Factory Distribution and Sunday Bikes.  Roman Trejo with Blackout Distribution and Kink Bikes. John Lee with Last Call Distribution and FBM bikes for there support.  Also Brad Hawkins does all our Jam Flyers and set this page up like 7yrs ago?  Thanks for all the things you do Mr Hawkins.  And a big thanks to  all you people that come, thats the best part of the whole thing!

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