Monday, August 19, 2013

Mountain Jam Pictorial

These dudes make it happen from Left to right, Amos Beury, Ryan McKenny, Jarret Kahle me and Tyson Barner. not shown Izzy newbie MVR Brent Hile  Weve been doing it for years, we love it live it and are stoked to see dudes smiling as we share it. you get a little giggle when you see how much fun people have with what you created out of love and passion.

Gas it Bernie winner of big air, not the winning run but every run was huge all day

 Doug roasting smiles all day

 Killed it all day working for the flip tuck and he did get it totaly kick ass
 Mike Potaz rode like a mad man and this pic is Fn great
 Mr Glen Johnson killed it you could here him slapping bars on the other side of the mountain
 Cory Foust long time bud grill master i always give him a hard time but i dont think he ever digs?
 Spencer from Ohio killed all day long look out for this guy hes just plain rowdy
 Steve looking for the 3 tuck
 shit talker and judges
 Patch was full of awesome people

 Rob Darden is a real good cross fitter but also a heavy hitter on the iron horse

 Stoked on the legends who stopped in
 these two guys were causing shit the whole time
 4 yrs old and Colton had a blast on the top line. pretty sick to have riders from 4-46 yrs old riding
 Steve also know as the "no shirt kid" and his awesome companion Winston
 The trail wordons wife but the best part of this pic is the dude in the backgrounds face!!!!!!!
 Guy on the Left, Is the patchs best friend he keeps the patch smooth and dialed while Yetter shart his pants over the serious shocker sign
 shitty pants is not good
 This guy is a captain of kick ass and Native bikes, glad you made a jam James and thanks for the support
 Boosty last years patch pimp and this year rode like a madman crashed flipping out went and did a show in state college and came back to make me say another time, Boosty is badass
 Kody Bertholot sp? flip or flair? but it was over Hucker and they were both mega stoked!!! As was everyone else Not everyday you cant flip one of your heros share a brownie and car pull to camp

The Jam was awesome! Thanks to all who came out, and thanks to all my brothers Jarrett Amos Tyson Izzy Ryan Christin and all the guys from camp who dig there asses off to make this happen yr in and yr out!  I didnt take enough pics but these ended up on the camera thanks to my wife Paige and the other mystery shooters.   Hope i didnt offend anyone with my tasteless humor and big mouth. Big thanks to everyone who camped the cleanup was all time minimal.   One crew that borrowed the grill rack you get the award for worst camp site.  sorry if i misspeeled your name i suck at spelling probably been buds for yrs and still misspell your name. Big thanks to Fred and Robin Beury who let us have a place to do what we do and share it with everyone. Cant stress enough how grateful I am to call them friends.

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