Sunday, June 17, 2012

Super Shot Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

 purple nurple super fast dialer dirt,
 wonder what he was doing?
 Conan push through make a lip wobble
 Burger grill master
 Cory Fous doing the whip for Sunday Bikes!!
 Brent with a invert
 another shot of the burger king pin
 Christen with a example of suck it up for the hip
 Boostie 3ing everything in sight on Saturday
 3 whip to body slam
 another hip another 3,
 Brower with his own 3
 loyd with a proper turn down!
 Andrew was on a mission
 First real sesh of the year hope theres many more Saturdays like this one
 Brower coming in HOT
 22 ftr like it was nothing
 Ryan on the new hip on hips, this jump is a challange
 old man on the monster
Brower with the correct flight path
 old man with the wrong flight pattern
 I didnt make it?
 Helmets save get one on yer dome

Amos turning down another good thing


Good weekend lots of cool peeps riding, camping and having fun, I love BMX!!!!!!!!

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