Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday Shit Talk!

 Big Dick James Covington
 Trey mutha fukin Jones

 Cory Fouse
 Cory Fouse
 Cory needs a new trick
 Trey 270 tuck new hip
 brappin brakeless
 Cory with a new trick
 Trey Jones sending the big shit! no brakes no give a fucts either
 another angle
 Boostie Swazzy crazy, dont call him a resie rider he doesnt like it
 Trey Jones again
 Heres the last un traveled jump on Swazzy, Brower hit it with softer soil and sprocketed into tubman
Heres same shit different angle, should be brappin ready for TRAIL JAM JULY 7th!!!!!!!!

Whats this about a trail jam?  Fred Beury ready to punch Amos Beury in the face!!!!!!

Lots of good sponsers hookin it up for The Heathens 4th annual Mountian Jam!!!!!!! DJ Dumpster dick will be filling the air with black sabbath and shit talk get sum!!!!!!!  camping as always available(we are not responsible in case your shit gets burnt!!!!!)

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