Sunday, June 21, 2009

Super Fun

More pics from the Gypsie jam, its been shitty since they left raining everyday. Today the Heathens were in the hole again dialing things in. It looks real nice, a new line is being born after the berm on tables. Looks good, you can see pics of Amos getting inked in the Superbmx van at pretty sweet! Weather looks nice for this week so come on down and dial away at the patch. Bring some more plastic as the jumps are all getting covered, or pitch some money in the pot mate. The hole has to be filled!! Looks like we are going to set up the dumptruck for 2nd to 3rd weekend in Jully! Theres talk of a mega treehouse in the works as well!!!!!!!!!!! So go out and dig the shit out of somebodys woods!!

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