Friday, June 19, 2009

Gypsie's in the patch!!

This post is long overdue!! Stuff is difficult when you gotta work fourteen hour days with two hours driven everyday. Just not enough time lately to get a new post up, sorry people. The FBM Gypsy tour hit the patch Monday night and on into Tuesday, heads just kept rollin in. It was a epic sesh with about 80 shredders deep! I am still astonished!! I haven't rode my bike that hard since I was probably seventeen!! It was awesome to see dudes that you read about and check out daily on the web at your spot smilen and haven fun! So much stuff happened the food was being cooked all day and all night, Crandall taken flight, I slept in the pull behind and lost my mind! the Credence team was blowing shit up and riding scooters through the patch, Darryl Nau broke the circuit record which was 8 laps he did 25!!!! Nuts! Buses and vans parked all through the woods, slingshot duels, the landowner even got a gypsy tattoo! A big thank you goes out to Fred and Robin for letting everyone come and camp!! Thanks to all the teams for coming and hooking us up with cool stuff!


joel said...

thank you again for the hospitality! i had so much fun, and would love to come back to dig/ride.

Anonymous said...

come back

Brock said...

Yeah, same here. Place is dialed and we had a blast. Can't wait to come back. If you are ever down in the South hit us up.

-Savage South