Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Heathens 5th Annual Mountain Jam,

 Big Air winner
 Mike Needs, congrats
 Boosty with the truck

 retired pornstar
 people were stoked
 Jeremy Ball killed the patch all day
 Mykell Larrin sorry about the spelling, best trick winner
 D-man Down whip
 dialed and clowning Best trick was for the people, riders had a blast and the on lookers were stoked to be blasted
 Kody Berthalot, big props for trying his 3-flip!!  He hasn't tried in 8 months
 Trom trom tromb Trombly killed it all day
 Shrek- hometown hero, made best trick finals bitches were screaming Brent Hile for miles
 Clip Nasty also snuck in LCQ
 Eric almost blasted right out his damn stretchy pants
 ML won best trick and the guys all donated it all to a fellow bud who went down and trashed his foot. Matt Malone is in high spirits and on his way to healing,
 Doyle turning down Stews offer for a vegan dinner
 Eric Trombly is fresh on the Lock Haven scene this year.  He has helped get things right behind the shovel, huge thanks to him
 Brent was so happy to be back he flipped out forward and backwards
 Group shot in the dirt bowl,
 Patch pimp, Andrew Fox has turned into a local, mad hrs on the hickory boom, always good vibes radiating and I'm sure anyone would say hands down the best rider all round for the day, again!  cheers bub
 this guy was so stoked he came in his pants and then took a burning ball of fire to the eye glad hes all good, also a big help pre jaming purple dirt slamming
 Rob X factored pine trees from the sky while jumping over trucks
 Monroeville cream peach wrecker, earth sculpter stacked the most laps while Pop Pop popped in 2nd
 Curtis was this 16 yr old Ohio street sleeper better known as Obama he is also good at trails
 Joe nastydick Nazerack with the big double deuce halfie
  good time supplier was a all week prior dirt dialer
Ron Kimler with the can can on the 30 footer goes to show old dudes still go batshit crazy sometimes

Weekend was a great one! One of the funnest ever.  The air was just full of good vibes.  There were so many people we looked up to when we were just getting really into bmx.  Still killing it!!! Super pumped to have those guys have a good time at our spot.

Mike Needs won the cup for big air
Cory Zeal won most laps with Ryan Popple closing in second
Best Trick went too Mykel Larrin who has bangers and style compressed
Great that all the guys gave there award to Matt Malone who went down,
Andrew "Boosty" Fox - won the patch pimp with a display of no fucks givin all over the trails all day long
Everyone who was there Saturday went home feeling like a winner and I cant think of any words to explain the great memory created that day.
We were all grateful on everyone fixing up the carnage on Sunday and threw out the weekend.  Great when you dont even have to clean up a mess after 100 people go apeshit for the weekend.
  We have been blown away over all the good things that have been said over social media. Thank you.  Feels awesome,    Cheers

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