Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good Fight continues,

 Found this islander, the coal cracker kid from Reading~ Derek Brower` patch pimp winner of 2011

 Also had the rust belt Weiner king pay a visit, he approved the fire - good times, good people
 Amos been working hard double duty Woodward camp repairs and patch rebuilds, teaching the next generation
Got some new hands to help, John from penn tech, Kyle MTN bike madman from mulches trails also Penn Tech student and Kody Berthelot putting in a day or two on the weekends.  Its a big help and a pleasure to just have someone to help and tell silly stories.  I got say Ryan McKenny, Christian Johns are really missed they did alot of work every year, know on too different spots.

Theres been some drama going on in Book Face world, salty dudes.  Hope everyone comes to their senses and joins the good fight,

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