Sunday, July 7, 2013

Catty Jam pictorial.............

 Traile were dialed....
 tight trains
 this dude was pissed next jump he tried twisting his bars right off
roastin it was hot as hell but runs kept the breeze rollin
Hennesey killed it!!!!!!!
Chuck Norris and Credence bogies

BF and Jay Bone riding smooth as silk all day
karate kicks
Chickin was getting hits
dirt artists
Even Samsquantches were riding
Pornstars were chilling
Chuck Norris was sledding?
Brad farmboy legend
Izzy lost his B team Heathen road trip cherry nd rode like he rode catty everyday? Dialed
This guy works at Chip n Dales at night
John Lee was loving every minute,
Christan rode well and dropped the crashtin nickname
Lips took it tough heavy traffic
Canal hole
New sit area
Chicken runs.......
New shit was wild and Doelikie sp? killed it. I think he rode everyline?  Good times for sure hope to see everyone next week in the patch.


Anonymous said...

What time(s) are planned for the Jam? Curious spectator....

spadesandflats said...

All day long, I imagine contest wont be till 3-5. 10am will be when booth is setup?

Cory Swiderski said...

I can't find a waiver, can you point it out so I can download it?